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Im Augenblick leben

Der folgende Text stammt aus dem "Motivation123Newsletter" vom 27.09.2004 (

I Couldn't Believe This


Several years ago I watched a special on television about a group of people that were really living life to the fullest. They were experiencing things they always wanted to do and were diving headfirst into the things they were most passionate about.

They wrote and played beautiful music, traveled around the world, and even learned how to fly planes. I remember one in particular who painted the most amazing pictures after only having a few art lessons. It was inspiring to watch her work and touching to see how fulfilling she found it all.

It seemed as though this special group of individuals stumbled upon the secret to happiness. They were living life like it was meant to be lived. Not just the occasional good time we all experience from time to time, but really getting a kick out of being alive.

Each of the men and women featured in the program had very unique personalities, came from different backgrounds, and found joy in their own personal interests and activities, but one characteristic was shared by them all - each and every one was at least 100 years old.

And in their age lies the secret to their joy, happiness, and motivation.


The One Secret to Their Success


Near the end of the program, the point became quite clear.

The cause of this enthusiasm and fulfillment, this drive to experience an amazing quality of life came from a simple realization.

All things, both good and bad, come to an end.

It's a fact of life we all know but work hard to ignore. We spend each day as if we have an eternity to do the things we've always wanted to do. Why rush or confront our fears when we have forever to do so? Why take steps to improve and leave our comfort zone today when we have so many tomorrows?

And this delusional thinking ensures the majority of people in the world settle for less than they want. It lures people into putting off their goals and dreams until time runs out.

And the end result? People live the whole of their lives far below their potential.

But not the individuals in that program. They knew time was forever ticking away, and they used that fact to help them live their best life.